Housework and my awesome days.


I worked once you know? Just for like 10 years. Full time. Yep a secondary school teacher. A flat out, busy as a bee teacher. I was that good at my job sometimes, I could engage and actually teach a class of 31, sixteen year olds. I think they didn't even mind my company and they actually did learn stuff! 

That was pretty awesome that class and in the ebbs and flows of a normal 'work' day, I also rated my days as being awesome in many of the following ways:

-The students were so well behaved for a particular class and it all went exactly as planned and with total engagement.
-Lazybones in the back row accomplished some work today and it was actually good.
-All the students in the class passed the latest test.
-Not one student opted out of PE class for once with pathetic excuses.
-I got all my photocopying done for the next two weeks of classes. So bloody organised.
-I didn't lose misplace one kids piece of assessment.
-My desk is all neat and tidy with all my new Officeworks stationery perfectly placed.
-There are no meetings and no marking and I get to leave early and attend to my fitness regime.
-Nothing untoward happened today, no apple cores were thrown on the oval in the 2nd half of my lunch time yard duty.
-I didn't have to confiscate one mobile phone
-No extras
-I got to go to school sports with an awesome group of kids
-All my bloody reports are finished!!! 
-My leftovers for lunch were delicious as I got to eat them uninterrupted.
-The Year 7's are out on an excursion today and I didn't even get a replacement class. Yesss!!

You get the idea. 

How things change when you get to be a stay at home mum and 'work' at home.

Cam gets home from work now and whilst we are having dinner and catch up on goss, we get to ask each other how our day has been. Ha!!!

Enthusiastically I babble away on some of the awesome stuff that happened or I that I may have accomplished that day. 

I smashed the housework. (I find I always say this really enthusiastically. Its a great accomplishment in my day and is the best bloody feeling when the house is spotless even if for just the 20 minutes straight after its done. 20 sparkling minutes before the kids create mess again.) I go on to exclaim that I put everything away, I washed all the dishes, I got two loads of washing out, I vacuumed the whole house, I cleaned the bathroom and I even mopped the floors. Yadi-yadi-yada....How do you not notice these things???
I changed all the sheets on the beds.
Hugh did a poo in the toilet.
I weened the two kids off their morning bottles.
Hugh ate and ate and ate heaps of food.
Mums group came over for morning tea.
Edie let me dunk her head in the pool at swimming lessons today and didn't even care.
Edie got her 18mnth old immunisations and she didn't even cry. What a kid!!
We went to the park
We went to the supermarket and got milk...again....
I spent all our Family tax benefit on groceries today. I need some more $ please..
Me and Hugh crafted an Easter chook.
I dusted the lounge room
I folded all the washing
I ironed all your shirts and pants for work so you can sleep in an extra 5 minutes for the rest of the week.
The kids have been playing so nice without any dramas.
Hugh didn't pee his pants once or poo on the carpet today...
I had dinner cooked by 2pm. Do you like it?
Oh and I made some dessert. Want some??

I am not a psycho, anal cleaning freak all day long can I just add. 
Yes, I did smash the housework last thursday as it was a week coming and it prompted this post but oh my you should have seen this place. What can I say, the kids were playing so nice outside and I just kept on ploughing along doing tidying up. Once I had finished I was so proud of my accomplishments and then I just laughed to myself. 

Who judges an awesome day by how much housework they get done?

I do. Not all the time. Most of the time. Its fun being a stay at home mum....

Can you relate?
Oh please tell me you sometimes judge a good day like this too!!
I also rate a day up there spent on quality time with my kids and making easter chooks too. I really do...

Thanks for visiting today
Elisha x

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